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leonora2015 public Меня зовут Helenochca. Я сижу в этом секс видео чате с 2017-12-13. Мне 34 лет. Цвет моих волос Рыжие. Мой рост 5'4" - 5'6" [160см - 170см], мой вес 120 - 140 фунтов [55 - 63 кг] Adequate men ... with a great sense of humor ... rude bastards ...(rude men go to the BAN without warning, pushing them out after the first warning, for repeating the ban. In private without restrictions, I will go to the group with a minimum of 2 users or call private, peeping at least 5 people or a group, private. Fetish and Anal caress only in FULL PRIVATE .... (any of your wishes) in a group: I am naked with a toy, do not even ask for anal .... only in Full Private or Private. Peeping: only I am naked NO TOYS ..... Toys in private chat rooms .... If during the gathering you are sitting with the currents you are stupidly waiting (during the show I drive out of the chat then don't be offended) ... Женщины 34